We’ve got a name! Optimeyes Optometry

It’s been a busy few weeks completing my business plan and setting up the formalities. We now have a business name…Optimeyes Optometry. The website is still a work on progress and and we are working on the logo too! I’m on a steep learning curve but having fun wearing many hats!

It has been so encouraging to hear from previous patients, who are finding me via various digital platforms. I have missed my interaction with patients and am itching to get back in the consulting room.

Location Location Location!

Everyone keeps asking where we will be located. We are not sure yet, but it will definitely be on the Northern Beaches. I have earmarked a premises, and am hoping that we can secure it soon.


My shopping list is increasing by the day. Some equipment is already on order and the rest will be ordered soon. I can’t wait to start designing the vision therapy room… the best part of the practice in my opinion.

So watch this space! I hope to have some good news before the end of the week!

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