Macular Degeneration results in the loss of central vision due to damage to the retina. The macula is a part of the retina located on the back layer of the eye that affects the center of the visual field. Macular degeneration is often related to age and can be atrophic (dry) or exudative (wet).

The dry form of macular degeneration is most common and there are currenlty no medical or surgical treatments. The dry form occurs when debris collects between the retina and the choroid, which can cause scarring of the retina. The wet form is less common, but more dangerous. It occurs when blood vessels grow from behind the choroid, which can leak. This form of macular degeneration can be treated with laser coagulation and or the injection of medication to reduce the growth of new vessels. The treatment needs to be started early, hence regular examinations are important to monitor any changes, which may lead to wet MD.

Macular degeneration is one of the biggest causes of vision loss in adults over 50. Common symptoms include gradually blurred vision, distortion of vision, and obstruction in the centre of vision. Peripheral vision can remain intact, but macular degeneration can make daily activities difficult, such as reading or recognizing people’s faces.

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