Here at Optimeyes Optometry, we are dedicated to ensuring that our patients get the vision they deserve. We are also dedicated to making sure that all of our patients have healthy eyes.

Our entire optometry staff works together to give you a good visit every time you come into our office. We will work around your schedule and make every effort to see you in a timely fashion. To do this, we ask that you call ahead with any questions or concerns you have before your appointment.

If you are having trouble with your eyes, our entire staff will be there to help. We will talk you through your options and what to expect with the diagnosis. If you think of any questions after you leave, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We really want to help you feel better as soon as possible.

Our Team

Carolyn graduated from Optometry School in South Africa and completed bridging qualifications and registration in the United Kingdom. She has been working in Australia since 1990.

Since the age of 13 Carolyn has wanted to be an optometrist. With a family history of myopia, she had regular visits to the optometrist. During her final years at University, the Paediatric and Children’s Vision components were what she most enjoyed. Her passion for behavioural vision was ignited when she found that she could not help all the patients she was evaluating, due to more complex difficulties which were not addressed with standard optometric care. Since then Carolyn has completed her Fellowship in Behavioural Optometry FACBO, completed the Behavioural Masters unit at UNSW, as well as the Optometric Extension Foundation Program (USA) and is currently working towards her Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Fellowship NORA.

Carolyn enjoys full scope optometry as myopia control, Ortho K and general optometry; however, her major interest is in working with children with visually related learning difficulties, patients with strabismus and amblyopia as well as helping patients who have sustained brain injuries or concussions.
For the last 15 years Carolyn has been working on the Northern Beaches of Sydney where she developed the vision therapy programme for the practice where she was working, as well as training the therapists.

Carolyn regularly gives talks to teachers, parents and allied professionals to educate them about the role of vision. Carolyn has assisted in the training of Optometrists in Functional vision testing and has presented at the International Congress of Behavioural Optometry (ICBO) as well as the Optometrists Association Australia (OAA) Continuing Education lectures. Carolyn is currently serving as a member on the board of ACBO (Australasian College of Behavioural optometrists).

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