Developmental disabilities often affect a person’s visual system, including the eyes, brain and visual pathways. If present, these visual challenges can further exacerbate a child’s disability, leading to issues at school, sports and when doing routine tasks.

Whether vision issues are overlooked or simply ignored because of their current care situation, these individuals don’t always receive the types of functional vision screening they need in order to ensure that their visual system is working adequately.

Certain Special Needs children can find it difficult to sit still through a regular eye exam, and this can result in an inaccurate or incomplete evaluation. Furthermore, because children don’t know how they are supposed to see, they rarely verbalise if something isn’t working well, which can leave certain vision problems undetected for many years.

As time goes by, the visual issues may impact more and more of the child’s development and activities of daily living. That’s where our expertise comes in. Our optometrist has extensive experience in treating special needs children and is qualified to diagnose, treat, and manage your child’s visual difficulties. Our standard of care and gentle approach yields excellent results and a positive vision therapy experience.

Consult with OptimeEyes Optometry to find the right vision therapy for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and Special needs.

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